Surprise Cake at Surabaya Indonesia

Want some surprise? Surprise cake is now available at Elly’s Cake Art Boutique Surabaya, Indonesia.

You’ve probably seen the magical birthday candle that opens up like a flower, automatically spins around and sings a song that makes blowing out the candles on your kid’s birthday cake extra awesome. Well, now there’s an even more awesome surprise that you can give your child, husband, wife, or loved one when they’re blowing out their birthday candles. The Surprise Cake is a stand that hides a secret gift inside the cake that automatically pops out to give them the ultimate scare before realizing that a secret awesome gift is waiting for them to open.

The gift pod on the inside of the cake will protect your gift from the elements of the cake and can be loaded with essentially anything that’ll fit into the pod, be it edible or non-edible goods. Though it’s especially great for gifting a new smart phone!

 Surprise cake is perfect for almost all of occasions like birthday, engagement, gender reveal, et al. Elevate your surprise to your loved ones by Elly’s Cake Art Boutique Surprise Cake.

A simple looking cake like this,

Turns into a cake full of surprise like this,

Interested on our surprise cake? Contact us to place your order. All our cake is customizable depends on your own preference. 


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